5 Fully Funded Scholarships in Italy for 2024/2025

Do you know several students who are looking for opportunities to get scholarships in Italy? Italy is a country with many options for international students making preparations to embark on either undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Usually, any student who wants to study in Italy should keep between the range of €6,000 to €20,000 every year to sort out tuition fees for any undergraduate course. On the other hand, for a master’s degree, it will be between €11,000 to €25,000.

Scholarships in Italy could be partially funded or fully funded by the Italian government to assist students with tuition fees and other daily expenses. In Italy, some institutions offer scholarship grants to both indigenous and international students. These are the significant steps to follow:

  • Find either your country of residence has eligibility for an Italian scholarship application
  • Find an institution that offers your course of study
  • Find if your course of study is eligible for an Italian scholarship
  • Tender admission application to the institution of your choice
  • Wait for the admission result

Benefits for Studying in Italy

Various benefits are involved in studying in Italy, and students who are after gaining admission into Italian universities can profit from it. Italy is a country with diverse cultures and rich history. In terms of meals, they have good cuisine for people with exquisite taste. These are the advantages of studying in Italy:

  • Different range of institutions for both indigenous and international students.
  • Students can become fluent in the Italian language.
  • International students can apply for scholarship grants in Italy.
  • Affordable accommodation for students with a monthly rent between €300 to €400.
  • A student visa is available for international students, and it is simple to visit other European countries.
  • International students can work after graduation in Italy.
  • There are opportunities for students to secure a part-time job.

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Cost of Living in Italy

In Italy, the total living cost for international students falls between €700 to €1,000 every month. Various things will require students to spend their money on feeding, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, and many others. Italy is an excellent place for anyone to settle, but there are some expenses that students have to pay for either living in Milan or Rome.

  1. Accommodation:

The accommodation price depends on the area the student is living in. Students residing in highbrow regions will have to pay more money compared to those living in rural areas. One of the ways of cutting down accommodation costs is by sharing an apartment with someone. Here are the numerous prices:

  • Students staying alone will pay between €400 to €700/month
  • Students staying in a student accommodation €250 to €300/month
  • Students sharing the same apartment €250 to €500/month
  1. Feeding:

The feeding cost in Italy depends on the shopping areas. For instance, if you purchase a grocery from a supermarket, you will pay between €150 to €200. In typical Italian restaurants, antipasto is the first-course meal either for lunch or dinner. For instance, a one-course meal comprises seafood, vegetable dishes, and cold meat between €8 to €15.

  1. Transportation:

For any student in Italy, public transportation is the simplest and easiest way to move from one place to another. A monthly metro ticket could be between €25 to €45, and it depends on the student’s location.

The train network system is the fastest way of visiting different Italian cities. Other miscellaneous expenses could be phone bills, entertainment, study materials, social activities, books, etc.

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Different Scholarships in Italy

There are some courses students can study in Italy without any requirement for IELTS. Here are the following scholarships in Italy:

  1. University of Bologna Study Grants:

At the University of Bologna, they have more than 48 study grants to international students who deserve them. The time of application for this grant is usually between the 30th of March to 30th of April. The grants are for 48 international students – 40 for second-cycle degree course of study, while 8 for the first cycle of study. The scholarship grant comes with the sum of €11,059.

  1. University of Pavia Scholarship:

The scholarship grant is for both students from the African continent and other developing countries. For any student to qualify for this scholarship, they must have the criteria before being selected by the University committee. Any student eligible for the scholarship award take the sum of €8,000, and the grant covers one academic year of 10 months.

  1. University of Turin Scholarships:

The scholarship is for Master’s students from foreign countries who have acquired their entrance requirements (first cycle degree) from an educational institution outside the Italian system. The University of Turin scholarship is one of the scholarships in Italy for thirteen students, and the sum of €9,000 is given to the eligible students to cover their tuition fees for 12 months.

  1. University of Gastronomic Sciences Scholarship:

In this institution, they have two Masters scholarships for students offering Gastronomy programs, either Master of Gastronomy in Food cultures and mobility or Master of Gastronomy in Food Ecologies and Sovereignty.

The scholarship grant is for only two students, and they get the sum of €16,500 each to cover their accommodation and other things. The University of Gastronomic Sciences Scholarship is for two years.

  1. University of Messina Masters Scholarships:

Any international student enrolling for a two-year Master’s degree program will be eligible to gain this scholarship. There are huge benefits students can obtain from the scholarship, and the sum of €100 is given as a monthly grant to the student for two years. A total number of 40 students are eligible for the scholarship, and the University of Messina Masters Scholarships is one of the scholarships in Italy.

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Scholarships in Italy are like any other country in Europe, available for students deemed fit for it. Students need to meet up with necessary criteria for the scholarship. Based on the benefits that come with the scholarship, students are striving hard to obtain it.

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