2024/2025 List of Scholarships in Saudi Arabia to Consider

Saudi Arabia scholarship comes up annually to exceptional students from different parts of the globe. The Saudi Arabian government wants to disseminate scientific research and knowledge to contribute to international students worldwide. Also, they are concerned about the advancement of human civilization in every continent. We have numerous reasons to have your higher education in this country.

Is There Any Reason for Studying in Saudi Arabia?

We have multiple reasons why you should study here:

  • The country has excellent knowledge of scientific research, making them rank amongst the top universities globally.
  • Saudi Arabian universities offer a decent environment for students to carry out additional academic research.
  • Scholarship students are offered quality health care that they won’t see in other parts of Asia.
  • Dedicated academic staff ready to impart knowledge to students simply for easy assimilation.

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What are the Entry Requirements for Saudi Arabia Scholarship?

It is necessary to possess the proper criteria to obtain a Saudi Arabia scholarship. If you want to get this scholarship, it is mandatory to have these requirements:

  • You must not be less than 17 and above 25 years for undergraduate programs, while for graduate programs, it is 30 years for a Master’s degree and 35 years for a doctorate.
  • Non-Saudi Arabia citizens must possess proof of competency from their country of residence.
  • Applicant must not have another Saudi Arabian scholarship
  • Every certificate and credentials must be scrutinized by the officials set in place at the university.
  • Applicant must not have been rusticated from a Saudi Arabian universities

Benefits of Saudi Arabia Scholarship

Free medical care for you and members of your household

  • Annual travel tickets within Saudi Arabia
  • Free financial allowance
  • Material incentives for outstanding scholarship students
  • Academic support to scholarship students in areas like academics and general counseling

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Best Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for International Students

  1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Scholarships:

It is one of the Saudi Arabia scholarships to international students. Also, it is the best scholarship you might want to have as a student studying in the country. When it comes to supporting scientific research, the university is the best. Besides getting financial assistance and quality education, you can learn different cultures from other students.

If you want to be eligible for the scholarship, you must not be less than 17 years and not more than 25 years during the time of application. For Master’s and Doctoral degrees, you must not be less than 30 and 35 years respectively. It is advisable to follow the rules or instructions regarding the application process. If you are chosen, you will get maximum benefits that will see you throughout your study.

  1. King Fahd University Scholarships:

The university is among the top universities in Saudi Arabia. It got its name from one time King in Saudi Arabia, King Fahd. The university attracts international students wanting either undergraduate or graduate degrees. The application for the scholarship is carried out online for domestic and international applicants. It is necessary to fill in your details and attach essential documents before submission.

You must endeavor to check you are eligible for the scholarship before applying. Successful applicants are accessible to things like a monthly allowance to cater for their daily expenses, furnished apartments, free textbooks, airfare ticket, subsidized meals, and many other things. The scholarship is available for both master’s and doctoral degree students.

  1. King Abdulaziz Postgraduate Scholarship Program:

In both Arab and Saudi Arabia, the King Abdulaziz university happens to be one of the best government-based universities offering Saudi Arabia scholarships. In terms of ranking, it ranked 134th globally due to its high-quality education and scientific research. As a result, many international students have no option rather than chosen it as their favorite destination to study their course.

The scholarship is a fully funded one. If you are lucky to qualify for it, you will gain access to funds that will cover your total expenses throughout your stay in the school. The surprising thing is it covers different educational levels like bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Scholarship beneficiaries get free accommodation, full tuition fee, airfare ticket, monthly allowance, etc. The annual scholarship comes up for applicants searching for means to get funds for their education. If you are lost or confused, it is ideal for getting more information about the scholarship from the university.

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  1. Islamic Development Bank Scholarships:

It is a financial institution based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is not only Saudi Arabia that is the shareholders because we have other 56 shareholders across the globe. The sole aim of the financial bank is to offer financial assistance to students emerging from these founding states. Also, students have the privilege of choosing any institution they want.

International students from these shareholding countries seeking to study in Saudi Arabia can apply for these Saudi Arabia scholarships. It is for students that want to take either an undergraduate or graduate program. Also, students from these 21st developed founding countries can learn other vocational training. The application process is open every December and runs through February. It is better to submit your application before the deadline.

  1. Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarships:

The Mahmoud is another Saudi Arabia scholarship for international students searching for financial aid. It was named after the founder of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation. Its objective is to assist students from the Arabian world wanting to study in the Netherlands. Also, Dutch candidates hoping to learn in the Arabian world can apply for it.

Dutch citizenship is compulsory to enjoy the scholarship benefits given to beneficiaries. The scholarship covers accommodations, transportation, buying textbooks, etc., for master and Doctoral students. The best thing to be outstanding amongst other applicants is acquiring more information regarding the scholarship from their official website.

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Saudi Arabia scholarship will offer you the opportunity to achieve your academic ambition. If you haven’t thought about studying in this country, you can include it in your list of schools to get a fully funded scholarship that covers your financial needs throughout your course of study.

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