Beginners Guide: How to Completely Migrate to Australia

The first Australian indigenes occupied the continent for approximately 65,000 years, and this happened due to the initial arrival of the Dutch explorers who migrated in the 17th century. In 1770, half of the Eastern part of Australia has been occupied by Great Britain, and this was the first set of people that settled in Australia by migrating from New South Wales on January 26, 1788. The population of people residing in this region kept on expanding. In the 1850s, many foreigners have migrated from different parts of Europe to settle in Australia, and these were the earliest Australia immigration.

Many decades have passed and the country has been recognized with a stable liberal democratic political system. The government in Australia have set up different constitutional monarchy made up of six states and ten territories. The country has different Islands, and it is the country with the largest landmass in Oceania. It will surprise you to know the country has increased geometrically, and the total population is approximately 26 million. There are metropolitan regions in this country that demands a high standard of living such as Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

Before you can start migrating to Australia, different ways can take you there. It is compulsory to meet the basic requirements demanded by the Australian immigration lawyer. The visa process for Australian immigration is between 9 to 12 months for the visa to be ready. It is important to know the type of Visa you want because it will enable you to have an idea of the one you should apply for. If you have been confused about the different Australian Visa we have, we are going to be enlightened.

Types of Australia Immigration Visa

There are several Australia immigration visa, and here they are:

1.    Skilled Occupation Visas:

This visa is for highly skilled workers, and this can be sponsored by individual states in Australia that are in search of skilled workers. On the other hand, the candidates for this kind of Visa are being accessed using a points-based system. This well-recognized working visa was founded in the year 1996, and it happens to be a 457 visa.

2.    Student Visa:

The student visa is for international students who want to study in Australia either for undergraduate or postgraduate courses. There are different categories of student visas, and before you get the student visa (study permit), the school has to send you an admission letter to indicate they have accepted you as part of their students.

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3.    Family Visa:

This visa is given to foreigners based on family ties in Australia. For instance, if you have a member of your family who is living in Australia either your parents, grandparents, or family relatives. This family Visa can be given to you to get access into the country, but you need to meet the right documents to get the family Visa for Australian immigration.

4.    Working Holiday Visa:

This is more or less like a resident permit to allow foreigners to travel to Australia. With this visa, the person can undertake employment to work in Australia during his or her holidays. For young foreigners, they can travel to Australia without following the normal costly expenses, and this enables them to find sponsorship in the future.

5.    Investor Visa:

A foreign investor who wants to invest in Australia must have an investor visa. Having the money or meeting the financial requirements shows the investor is ready to invest his or her wealth in the country. There is an examination they have to take to become a citizen of Australia. People want to travel to Australia for diverse reasons, but different things would make your travel to Australia.

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Reasons for Australia Immigration

The country happens to have a lot of happy citizens that can’t be compared to other countries in the world. They have good Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a high level of security, good social support, and the life expectancy is high too. Since it is made of different people from across the globe, it had led to their diverse cultures. Here are the reasons for Australia immigration:

1.    Tolerant Society:

In this country, there is nothing like discrimination. This has led to a high number of foreigners leaving their country of residence to settle here. No matter the country you are coming from the Australian citizens won’t look down on you. It is a home for individuals who have been inflicted with human rights violations in their country.

2.    Great Ecology:

The ecology system in this country is great in terms of water, air, and good topography. Therefore, if you are entering here as a foreigner you are going to experience an atmosphere that is different from your home country of residence. Tourist who has migrated from their country to Australia have revealed their experience they have encountered due to the pleasant weather conditions.

3.    Unique Nature:

The fauna and flora of Australia are different from other countries. The country has unique species of animals, and some of these species can’t be found on other continents. The Australian government has secured its wildlife and this has helped to fight against animal extinction. One of the biggest Amazon basins in the world is found in this country.

4.    High-Quality Medical Care:

The healthcare for the country is a high standard and this has been seen in both private and public healthcare. Immigrants having a permanent residence status can enjoy their medical care. Even if you have to pay before getting medical attention, the fee has been subsidized to allow people with low income to afford it.

5.    Good Security:

It is regarded as among the safest country on the globe. This implies the level of crimes is minimal compared to countries like Mexico, Chile, and many others. As a foreign entrepreneur in Australia, you will be able to do your business with peace of mind, because there are no hoodlums to invade your finance. At this juncture, let’s get to know the different Australia immigration program.

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Different Types of Australia Immigration Programs

There are several ways to migrate to Australia, and here they are:

1.    Student Australia Immigration Program:

Some international students have the intention of schooling in Australia. For these students, a student visa is being issued to them to gain admission into secondary, vocational, or tertiary institutions. The student can decide to reside in Australia after his or her graduation. During this period, the student can apply for a temporary graduate visa to enable him or her to retain the work. The price rate for a student visa in Australia is 423 USD, and the price varies due to other factors influencing it.

The Australian government has made it possible for students to pick a part-time job to cater to their expenses. There is a fixed working hour for students to work in a week, and that’s 20 hours. You need to have your documents ready such as an acceptance letter from the school, language certificate, financial statement, medical report, certificates of family ties, etc. The certificate of family ties shows the student will go back to his or her country after schooling in Australia.

2.    Professional Australia Immigration Program:

This immigration program is for professionals from different parts of the country. When once you are skilled in one thing or the other, you are eligible for this immigration program. This is different from the labor immigration program because you don’t have any job offer on the ground, the only thing you need to do is to find a skill you have an interest in. The candidate must score a minimum of 65 points in any special test for the immigration program, some level of proficiency in the English language, educational degree, and working experience is required.

For foreigners whose skills are on the occupation, the list has a high tendency of becoming successful in this Australia immigration program, and if their education and work experience matches with the Australian standards, they will be picked. Some of these popular skill areas are medicine, engineering, social work, information technology, architecture, metallurgy, etc. The foreigner has to be between the age of 18 to 45 years old, no criminal records, free from infections, good financial statement, verified working qualifications, etc.

3.    Labour Australia Immigration Program:

If you are lucky enough to get a work or job in Australia, you can move to the country through an Employer Nomination Scheme. The visa review for the immigration program can take a processing time of 12 to 15 months, and this cost a total amount of approximately 2,764 USD. It is vital to meet the required process for you to obtain the Labour Australia immigration program. If there are any professional qualifications you have, you need to make them ready. The Australian employer will get a Transaction Reference Number that will be given to the foreign candidate.

4.    Business and Investment Australia Immigration Program:

This is for entrepreneurs, business investors, venture capitalists, etc. who want to invest their wealth in Australia. They help to provide jobs and create capital inflows to fill the scarcity of goods and services. Before immigrating through this program, the investor has to carry out a market survey or feasibility studies to enable him or her to write out a well-detailed business plan. After they are done with their survey, they can declare their interest in applying for an Australian Visa.

There are requirements for this type of immigration program. For example, anyone who is applying for this one shouldn’t be more than 55 years old. Such a candidate should have business and professional experience. The Australian government will want you to submit different documents such as financial statement, business plan, language certificate, medical history, confirmation qualifications, etc. If you are going to submit other documents, the immigration officers will draw your attention.

5.    Marriage Australia Immigration Program:

This is one of the simplest ways to move to Australia. There is nothing like education, language skills, or even work experience. The important thing is to secure a special visa for either the groom or the bride. The visa will enable either the groom or bride to travel to Australia with no hindrance from the Australian immigration officers.

After the marriage has been done, the couple can decide to process the permanent residence visa to become a permanent citizen. During this marriage visa, there should be a willingness of the partner to sponsor the fee of the applicant, medical certificate, passport, photographs, and other essential documents.

6.    Family Reunification Australia Immigration Program:

This is another method of applying for an Australian visa. If you have any relatives leaving in Australia, they can apply for a visa for you. For instance, one of your family relatives is not feeling too strong in Australia, he or she can file a visa application for you to come over to take care of him or her. This will demand the need of getting either a temporary or permanent visa to enable your stay in Australia.

7.    Humanitarian Australia Immigration Program:

Individuals who have migrated from their country of residence due to one problem or the other and they don’t want to return home to avoid persecution from their government. The Australian government can decide to grant individual asylum to enable them to stay in Australia. The refugee can apply for this visa from another country or inside Australia.

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Becoming an Australian Citizen

This is the final stage of Australian immigration for individuals who will like to obtain some rights that are not given to permanent residents. For instance, the right to vote and to be voted for. Australian citizenship will permit the individual to travel to different countries around the globe. You need to have the requirements to be granted citizenship. The person needs to live in Australia for a minimum of 4 years, no criminal record, proficiency in the English language, and other documents.

Most Tier one countries don’t offer their citizenship to random people to avoid nuisance. This is the major reason you have to spend some years to ensure you are certified to become its citizens. While you are in Australia, it is good to have a clean record to be considered a permanent residence status that will help you gain access to other developed countries on other continents.

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Migrating to Australia need you to gather your documents before applying for a visa. If you are finding it difficult to know the type to apply for, the Australian immigration officer will help you to pick the right one. One of the ways of doing this is to check the Australian migration agent’s registration authority to find an agent to reduce the burden on you.

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