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Save-On-Foods Limited Partnership is hiring a Pharmacist to carry out the activities and responsibilities listed in the job description. Candidates who meet this job requirement are encouraged to apply as this is a full-time role with flexible work hours. Interviews will be conducted and candidates who perform well will be awarded the job to start their employment process immediately. This job position has been approved by LMIA.

Full job description

The candidate chosen is responsible for:

  • Managing cash register
  • Restocking shelves with medication and other pharmaceutical supplies
  • Maintaining prescription records of pharmaceutical products
  • Performing all clerical duties necessary to ensure the pharmacy is run effectively
  • Typing and printing prescription labels accurately
  • Assembling, stocking, and distributing medications
  • Billing third-party issuers
  • Preparing medications for clients
  • Entering client’s information into the database
  • Determining Inventory level by checking pharmaceutical stocks
  • Ensure the accuracy of prescription information by communicating with healthcare providers
  • Counting and pouring medications from stocks accurately
  • Delivering medication to departments and patients

Ideal job requirement

The candidate chosen is required to:

  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Have good interpersonal and judgemental skills
  • Should be early to work
  • Must be reliable and confident
  • Must be bondable
  • Should be a good listener
  • Must have important ethics and values
  • Should be customer-oriented
  • Should be able to provide emotional support
  • Must follow safety rules and health standards
  • Must be certified by the Pharmacy council board in Canada

Experience required

  • The candidate chosen is required to have a Bachelor’s degree
  • 1-2 years of experience working in a related role

Contract type

  • Full-time job


  • Fluency in English


  • 441 Central, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0

Working conditions

The candidate chosen would work in conditions where:

  • Repetitive tasks are done frequently
  • Must have good hand-eye coordination
  • Would be required to work over-time when necessary

Working environment

The candidate chosen would work in an environment where:

  • Sitting or standing positions is done for long hours
  • Should pay attention to details
  • Physically challenging tasks are done


  • The chosen candidate would earn $51.00 per hour while working for 32-40hrs per week

How to Apply

Firstly, ensure you’ve gone through our previous content on steps to apply for jobs in Canada. After that, you can send an application to the email address below.

Good luck!

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