Oxford Acceptance Rate for Various Programs in 2024

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England. Therefore, the University of Oxford will be the best choice for students who wish to study in the UK. Oxford university’s acceptance rate was 17.5% as of 2015.

The Oxford acceptance rate as of 2019 was 14.5%. Oxford is one of the world’s top research universities and boasts world-class facilities for study and research. We are famous for our research excellence and innovation and are home to some of the most talented researchers in the world.

Competitiveness for Oxford Acceptance Rate  

It’s more competitive for international students to gain entrance due to the Oxford Acceptance rate, but this should encourage students to achieve higher scores in international exams, like IELTS, PTE, or TOFEL. The minimum GPA requirement for US students applying to Oxford University is 3.7, and a  higher GPA is expected for applicants who like to enroll in more competitive courses.

The Oxford Acceptance rate may change year to year. Around 43% of the total student body comprises international students, almost 10,000 students. The acceptance rate also differs and ranges from a different category of students. For example, there’s a different acceptance rate for Undergraduates, Masters, Ph.D.’s and even students studying with and Without IELTS.

From 10,000 international students, their categorical percentage is further segregated as thus:

  • 20% of International Students from Undergraduate courses
  • 64% of International Students of Graduate courses
  • 16% of International Students from other courses

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The Oxford Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, Oxford is the law school of the University of Oxford, with over 800 years of teaching and writing law. It is unique in its use of personalized tutorials. Students are taught by faculty fellows in groups of one to three weeks as the primary form of instruction in its undergraduate and graduate courses.

It also offers the most extensive doctoral program in law in the English-speaking world. The faculty is part of Oxford’s Social Sciences Division.

Oxford’s law school is one of the most prestigious law schools globally, with an acceptance rate of around 8%. It is currently ranked first in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Being one of the top universities globally, Oxford sees the best jobs, companies, and opportunities. The average salary of an MBA from Oxford is £69,132. Oxford students become the number one preference for all UK employers.

Overall, Oxford graduates work in the following fields: Education (12%), Health (10%), Banking and investment (8%), IT (6%), Accountancy (6%), Media (6%), and other prominent fields. Oxford University has produced the most number of billion-dollar startup founders in comparison to any other institution in Europe, such as Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Allie Morse (Jumia), and Kevin Hartz (Eventbrite)

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Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor’s and Master’s Courses

Before we explore the details of Oxford University’s acceptance rate and criteria, let us first look at what is essential when it comes to seeking admission to the University of Oxford. The necessary information about the eligibility criteria for master’s and bachelor’s courses is below.

  • Make sure that your biographical information is well prepared.
  • You must have a 10+2 essential qualification from a recognized academic institution with a minimum percentage of marks.
  • A valid score states your understanding and command over the English language determined by tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • If you aim for your undergraduate courses, your brilliant ACT exam or SAT examination scores will play a pivotal role.
  • It is crucial to have a Letter of Recommendation (LOR), and Statement of Purpose (SOP) evaluated during the application process.
  • Work experience in a bachelor’s degree and PG courses will take an individual’s educational journey to new heights; however, it varies from the chosen program.

Although, keep in mind that GMAT, GRE, etc. is necessary when applying for PG courses

Oxford Acceptance Rate for Various Programs

  1. University of Oxford Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

In 2016, Oxford University received 19,484 applications. As a result, the University of Oxford for undergraduate courses provided admission offer for 3,765 students, and finally, 3,161 students were admitted. In 2017, 19,727 admission applications were received, and Oxford University for undergraduate courses considered 3,663 applicants, out of which 3,216 students were admitted.

In 2018, the school obtained 21,215 admission entries; among them, 3,751 provisional admission offer was provided, and 3,270 went through Oxford University admission. Twenty-one thousand nine hundred thirty-eight applications were received in 2019, the University made an admission to 3,771 students, and 3,310 scaled through the University of Oxford admission process.

  1. University of Oxford Masters Acceptance Rate

The graduate program offered by the University of Oxford is a type of taught program. Postgraduate-oriented programs usually involve a range of core modules, optional courses, and the submission of a dissertation. The evaluation can be done for coursework, exams as well as dissertations.

Seminars and conferences support the postgraduate taught program. Oxford Masters Acceptance Rate includes conditional or unconditional offers made by academic departments or faculties. Nearly 17,057 applications were received for postgraduate taught degrees. Oxford University Acceptance Rate for a master’s degree is 30%.

  1. The University of Oxford Ph.D. Acceptance Rate

There is no specific figure for the Ph.D. acceptance rate at Oxford University. Similar to the graduate acceptance rate, the school admits to the Ph.D. program. Since it is rolling admission, there is no detailed information about the Oxford Ph.D. acceptance rate. International research degree students often attend seminars and lectures on specific research skills. Eight thousand eight hundred eighty-seven applications (34.3%) were received for graduate research degrees.

International students who study for Ph.D. in Oxford and perform than are under academic supervisors and need to meet him regularly. Supervisors provide:

  • Advice on the specific project.
  • The methods of data collection.
  • The nature of research to be done.
  • The expected standards.

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Oxford acceptance rate is necessary for any student to meet or possess if they hope to gain admission into the University. It is never too late to prepare to get all the required documents to make you eligible for admission.

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