Day 1 CPT Colleges: List of Universities offering CPT from Day 1

For any international student who wants to study in the United States of America, there are various Day 1 CPT colleges for them, and it is available from undergraduates to doctorate levels. This implies you will be fully employed and also obtain salaries while you go after your educational degree. The Major reason for the existence of these Day 1 CPT colleges is to offer students the opportunity of acquiring real-life experience in their given field.

Furthermore, it should be noted it is not all colleges that offer Curriculum Practical Training for its students. Basically, Day 1 CPT allows foreign students to start working either during their first semester they have enrolled in a program or after they have are done with their first year in their various universities. From the guidelines students with a F-1 visa are eligible to study any Day 1 CPT colleges. For this reason, different universities in the U.S. offer courses for students to have a Curriculum Practical Training. Let’s get to see the Day 1 CPT colleges. However, before we look into it, I recommend you go through the previous guide on everything you need to know about Day 1 CPT.

Different Day 1 CPT Colleges

The following are the different Day 1 CPT colleges, and here they are;

  1. University of Cumberlands:

This university is found in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The school is run on Christian values because it was founded by Baptist Minister. Most of the courses in this university are somehow related to Liberal Arts. There are several programs available for undergraduates including both masters and doctorate degrees.

The University of Cumberlands has courses that vary from Physician Assistant Studies to Psychology and also Business Administration. One of the major programs offered in the school is Education, and it cut across different levels. Any student who has an interest in running for a doctorate degree in a course like Psychology should have it in mind they are going to do lots of researches.

  1. United States University:

The United States University is found in San Diego, California. There are various Day 1 CPT colleges available for students who have an interest in different courses. Some of these courses are Health Science, Business Management, and many others. The institution has gotten massive recognition based on its past works.

Right from the inception of the school 22 years ago, it has given orientation to immigrants to help them validate their degree in the United States of America. The good thing is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This makes the options easier for foreign students to enroll in any institution in the U.S.

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  1. Vanderbilt University:

It was established in the year 1873, and was initially called the Cornelius Vanderbilt. The university was named as Cornelius Vanderbilt, based on the fact he was the number one sponsor of the school. Despite the fact the university is not big when compared to others, it has four different undergraduate schools, and also six postgraduate schools.

It is one of the Day 1 CPT colleges with numerous courses offered. It has been approximated to have over 12,800 students forming the total population of the school. One of the major features of the school is the awesome library that is located with other groups of libraries, and this has been a huge asset for students who have enrolled in the institution.

  1. New Jersey Institute of Technology:

It is a well research-oriented school found in New Jersey. It was established in the year 1981 and it began with the aim of engineering, which later gains expansion to other faculties and departments. According to statistics, there are more than 10,000 students who have enrolled, and there are also over 66 postgraduate courses available for students who have the intention of studying in the school.

The different courses in the school have made it easier for other programs such as law and healthcare for prospective students. Different influential people have graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology such as scientists, engineers, and other prominent people in society. Recently, there are other disciplines in other humanities such as Art and design that have been added to the curriculum of the university.

  1. International Technological University:

This is one of the Day 1 CPT colleges found in San Jose California, and it offers both masters and doctorate degrees. It is a small university, that was established recently. In the year 1994, the International Technological University had a doctorate in Philosophy to Master in Science in Software Engineering. As a result of this, it shows various versatilities of the school.

Right from when the school has been established, the school has expanded in diverse ways and there has been massive development to accommodate its growing faculties for students. For those in the engineering faculties, there are enough laboratories to enable them to carry out their practicals.

  1. Campbellsville University:

This is part of the Day 1 CPT colleges located in Kentucky. It provides different degrees such as Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, and an Associate. Although it is being regarded as a small institution, it has more than 4,000 students. Initially, it was founded as a Baptist institution, and that was the way it was right from the inception date in 2023.

The major goal of the university is to enhance values that are aligned with the foundation of the school. Some of the major schools in the institution are education, music, arts, and many others. This has helped to demonstrate the predominance of art and humanities at Campbellsville University.

  1. Westcliff University:

It is situated in California, and it is among the Day 1 CPT colleges in the U.S. The school is specifically situated in Irvine. There are two different colleges in the Westcliff University – the college of business and the college of education. The college of business has everything right from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, and even the master’s and doctorate levels are not exempted.

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Day 1 CPT colleges have different facilities that can enable international students to perform well in their various faculties or departments. The best thing one ought to do is to find one they can meet the requirements to bring out their right potentials.

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