2024/2025 List of Cheapest Countries to Study in Europe

Europe is recognized globally for excellence, especially in the field of education. They offer quality and affordable education, which has led to an increase in the migration of international students. In addition, numerous universities across Europe are pocket-friendly, affordable, and of high prestige. Therefore, we will see the cheapest countries to study in Europe in this content.

Cheapest Countries to study in Europe   

  1. Germany:

Germany has one of Europe’s leading universities, with about 300 universities. Also, they have Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs. The cost of living depends on the location because some German cities have higher living costs than others. The official language is German, while English could be considered a second language.

International and indigenous students are eligible for free education in different regions in Germany. In some areas, the institution requires a tuition fee of about $1000. Bachelor’s program in public institutions does not require tuition fees and Private universities are not accessible in Germany.

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  1. Italy:

There are many opportunities attached to studying in Italy. Aside from the low cost,  the country also provides affordable universities for learning open to international students. In addition, however, there are provisions for Master’s and Bachelor’s programs in disciplines like History, Humanities, and Fashion.

Italy offers cheap tuition fees, which is about €2000 each academic year in Public institutions. The average expenses for students are between €600 and €1,100, covering accommodation, public transit, feeding. International students choose from these universities, such as the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Bologna, and Milano University.

  1. France:

France is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe that offers reasonable tuition fees to students. The country is famous for high-quality education at an affordable cost. The cost of living is high, but International students can study their dream courses in various fields.

An international student seeking valuable education at a cheap cost can consider studying in France. For instance, the sum of €170 and €650 per academic year can cover tuition expenses, while €950 can cover accommodation, transportation, and food.

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  1. Hungary:

Hungary is another country for international students searching for the cheapest countries to study in Europe. It has diverse study opportunities, affordable costs, and active social life. Moreover, the cost of living is reasonable with an exceptional level of education; the minimum fee in terms of tuition for public universities is $1000.

There are provisions for scholarships made available to deserving international students who intend to study in Hungary, and they are the University of Debrecen, Szeged, and Corvinus University Budapest. An average monthly expense includes housing, feeding, and public transit is about €350 to €550.

  1. Lithuania:

This country is not as famous as other European countries. However, it offers excellent education and has over 15 higher institutions that offer several Master’s programs in which the English language is the preferred language in teaching, with over 3000 international students enrolled yearly.

The Universities in Lithuania center on academics and nurturing students to become experts in their profession. A tuition expense of €1,150 and €5000 for each academic year and a monthly living expense of €850 in the capital city Vilnius.

  1. Norway:

Norway is another excellent option to consider when choosing one of the cheapest countries to study. International students undergoing postgraduate courses in Norway pay affordable tuition fees. Furthermore, international doctoral students in Norway are not required to pay above 80,000 NOK per annum.

The average cost of living in Norway is high. Still, students are exempted from this high cost because international students are mandated to pay a compulsory tax called the students union charge for transportation and other expenses. The University of Metropolis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology institutions are available for interested students. I already published an article detailing the list of tuition-free universities in Norway.

  1. Austria:

Austria brings a great chance of learning. The country is one of the cheapest countries to study in Europe. The public university is affordable, thereby paving the way for international students from less developing countries to gain formal education at a reasonable cost.

A price fee of €1,750 is compulsory for every international student from developing countries. The amount paid by international students from outside Europe is inexpensive. European Union students pay £18 per semester while non-European students pay £762.72 in public universities.


  1. Estonia:

Initially, the country was part of the Soviet Union, the official language is Estonian, but various degree programs are available in English. International students studying in Estonia pay affordable tuition, which covers the cost of Masters and Bachelors programs. In addition, there are other benefits attached to studying in Estonia.

Medical students pay above £1,660 yearly while other students pay the same amount with an average tuition fee of €1660 for students studying in Estonia. International students who have excellent academic performances, financial difficulties are exempted from paying tuition. Students enjoy the cheap and affordable cost of living in Estonia.

  1. Cyprus:

A country located in Asia and part of the European Union, which has resulted in it being a country in Europe, Cyprus has about 12 universities that boast over 6000 international students and a profound education system. International students payment scheme varies and relies on the university and type.

International undergraduate students in Cyprus pay a minimum or low fee of about 3000 Euro yearly with an exemption for pharmacy students. Postgraduate students pay fees from €2000 to 2500 per year. They also have an economically affordable cost of living in Cyprus.

  1. Belgium:

This country is well regarded and an excellent place for international students to study. The capital city, Brussels, and other recognized towns in Belgium have universities for international students without spending exorbitantly. International students can afford tertiary education in Belgium for a cheap $1500 yearly.

Aside from the vibrant lifestyle, students enjoy numerous benefits when studying in Belgium: the cheap cost of living regarding housing, feeding, transportation, and other expenses. Students can apply to The University of Leuven in Belgium, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universite Libre de Bruxelles.

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Prices vary in different countries in Europe, and as such, you must ensure you find the cheapest countries to study in Europe. Also, it is necessary to know the actual cost for the institution and country you wish to study.

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