2024/2025 List of Cheapest Universities in Australia to Consider

Universities in Australia are expensive! You’ve got to keep in mind that you can’t just go anywhere if you’re serious about your education. But where do you start looking for the cheapest universities? Here’s a breakdown of the most affordable options for studying abroad in Australia.

Cheapest Universities in Australia

  1. University of Newcastle:

The University of Newcastle is a public research university in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It was founded in 1965 as part of the New South Wales University of Technology and has since developed into a comprehensive institution with multiple campuses across the city and region. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees through its eleven faculties.

The University of Newcastle has consistently ranked among the cheapest universities in Australia according to the 2016 QS World University Rankings, with an annual tuition fee of A$19,920 (plus compulsory student services). In addition to its Australian campus, the university also has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

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  1. Deakin University:

Deakin University is ranked as one of the cheapest universities in Australia, with full-time undergraduate courses costing an average of AU$15,000 per year. Additionally, the school offers part-time and postgraduate courses at a fraction of the cost of many other Australian universities.

Deakin University has been praised for its affordable tuition rates and opportunities for students to gain competitive entry into graduate programs. In addition, Deakin is home to several research institutes and centers, making it a perfect place to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

  1. Monash University:

Monash University is a prestigious Australian university that offers affordable education. It is ranked sixth in Australia according to the 2018 QS World University Rankings. Tuition at Monash University is very affordable, with the full-time tuition fee for undergraduate students coming in at only A$16,000 per year. This makes Monash University one of the cheapest universities in Australia.

Monash also offers several scholarships and bursaries that make it even more affordable for students. For example, the Monash Excellence Scholarship pays full tuition fees for up to four years for students from regional or rural areas who have achieved excellent academic results.

  1. Charles Sturt University:

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is one of the cheapest universities in Australia. It has a tuition fee of A$5,079 per annum for Australian students, making it one of the most affordable universities in the country.

CSU also has some scholarships and bursaries available, which can help to reduce the cost of studying there. The university also offers some financial assistance schemes, including a Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme and an NSW Scholarship Scheme.

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  1. Queensland University of Technology:

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is one of Australia’s most affordable universities, with tuition fees of only A$9,000 per year. QUT offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate courses, and its campus is located in Brisbane.

QUT also has some partnerships with local businesses, including Microsoft and Google, which provide opportunities for students to gain real-world experience while they’re studying. The university also has a strong research program, with over 150 ongoing projects in areas such as information technology, engineering, health sciences, and science.

  1. The Australian National University:

The Australian National University (ANU) is a renowned university in Australia with a strong research reputation. The university has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from, making it the perfect choice for students looking for a top-class education.

ANU is also highly affordable, with tuition fees starting from just AUD$6,000 per year. This makes it one of the most affordable universities in Australia, making it an excellent option for students on a budget.

In addition to its great tuition fees and affordability, ANU also has some excellent facilities and resources available to students. The university has several campuses located around Australia, making it easy for students to find a location that is convenient for them.

  1. The University of Melbourne:

The University of Melbourne is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia and offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The university is also home to some of the country’s top research institutes, including the Melbourne Institute for Asthma Research, the Monash Neuroscience Institute, and the Victorian Biobank.

The cost of tuition in Melbourne depends on your course, but you can expect to pay around A$42,000 per year (US$32,000). With generous government scholarships and financial aid options available, you could be paying less than half this amount – making it one of the cheapest universities in Australia.

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  1. Sydney University:

Sydney University is one of the most affordable universities in Australia. The cost of tuition, room, board, and other associated expenses at Sydney University are all below the national average. In addition, the university offers generous financial aid packages that make it possible for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to attend.

Sydney University is also one of the most prestigious universities in Australia. As a result, graduates from Sydney University are highly sought after by employers. In addition, Sydney University has a wealth of academic programs that can appeal to a wide range of interests and career paths.

  1. Western Australian Institute of Technology:

The Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) is one of the cheapest universities in Australia. The cost of study for full-time students is just over $10,000 per year, making WAIT one of the most affordable institutions of its kind in the country.

WAIT has a strong focus on industry-relevant research and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Its campus is located in the city of Perth, which is well connected to other parts of Australia and international destinations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the cheapest universities in Australia?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on your specific needs and budget. However, some of the cheapest universities in Australia include the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Monash University, and Deakin University. These three universities typically charge tuition fees that are lower than many other Australian universities.

Q: Is it possible to study at a university without paying any tuition fees?

A: Yes, you can study at a university without paying any tuition fees if you have sufficient financial resources. Some universities offer low-cost student loans, scholarships, or bursaries that can cover a significant portion of tuition costs.

Q: What are the benefits of studying at a cheaper university?

A: There are many benefits to studying at a cheaper university. These benefits may include: lower tuition costs, more affordable living expenses, reduced stress levels due to low tuition fees, and greater opportunities for career advancement. It is important to consider all of these benefits when choosing which university to attend.

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