2024/2025 List of Best Medical Schools in Illinois

There are lots of medical schools in Illinois including both osteopathic and allopathic. Annually, these medical schools have attracted lots of students both in America and other parts of the world. The city has some of the prestigious medical Universities such as the Pritzker School of Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northern University, etc. In terms of ranking, medical schools in Illinois are ranking well.

Illinois is a renowned state for those passionate about medical degrees. For instance, there are some schools in the U.S., accepting large numbers of students yearly. A good example is the Chicago Medical School located at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science. In 2020, the institution got 12, 000 applications, and it shows lots of students want to study medicine and surgery.

Benefits of Medical Schools in Illinois

There are diverse advantages for students to obtain as a student in medical schools in Illinois. Also, there are lots of side attractions to make studying fun, and eliminate boredom, such as culture, music, history, cuisines, etc. These are the numerous benefits:

  1. Housing options and other recreational activities to ensure students have a good time.
  2. They priorities human health and wellness, and it could be mental or physical.
  3. Good cutting-edge technology and laboratories allow students to foster collaborative learning.
  4. There is an enhancement of student leadership abilities in medical schools in Illinois.
  5. Availability of students affairs to attend to students for their psychology needs.

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Basic Tips of Getting Admissions into Medical Schools in Illinois

It should be clear here the medical schools in Illinois are the most sought-after Universities in the U.S., and it has led to high numbers of students trying to study there. These are the essential tips:

  1. Maximize your Grade Point Average (GPA):

The number of medical schools is increasing daily, and it implies some factors have to be considered to get admission into medical schools in Illinois, such as extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, personal statements, professional experience, etc. The admission officers for any medical school in Illinois check students’ GPAs to know either they meet up the requirement or not.

  1. Good MCAT Score:

It is another factor that must be considered for any student interested in studying medicine in Illinois. You need to have a high MCAT score, but most medical schools in Illinois have their MCAT requirements for their medical schools. Successful candidates must pass the minimum requirements before they can study medicine.

  1. Participating in Extracurricular Activities:

Students skilled in different areas have an edge over their colleagues who are only brilliant academically. It is advisable to take part in numerous extracurricular activities that will lead to personal growth. Some of these extracurricular activities are medical shadowing, research, volunteering, and clinical experience.

  1. Showing Personality in your Application:

When applying for medical schools in Illinois, it is best to show your individuality, because it will set you amongst your peers. There are different ways to show your personality in the application letter such as crafting a compelling personal statement, letters of recommendation, focusing on the medical activities session of the school.

  1. Early Application:

Applying early is one of the fastest ways of having recognition from any medical school. Before submitting the application form, you need to have your career and educational goals. Also, be conversant with the application timeline and the necessary document to attach the required materials with the application form.

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Medical Schools in Illinois

These are the medical schools in Illinois:

  1. Carle Illinois College of Medicine:

The university is located in Champaign, Illinois, and happens to be the first engineering-based medical school in the world. The school curriculum comprises medical education, medical humanities, innovation, clinical science, etc. Also, the school offers both Masters and Doctoral programs for its students. With the invention of the dual degree program, it is easier for students to earn a dual degree in any course, such as humanities, biomedical sciences, social sciences, engineering, etc.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance Rate 1.6%

Median MCAT 513

Median Science GPA 3.64

Median Total GPA 3.71

  1. Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (Midwestern University):

It is situated at Downers Grove, Illinois, and was established in 1900. It has a core philosophy on patient-oriented healthcare over disease-oriented healthcare. Also, there is another campus in Arizona. Downers Grove offers different medical degrees such as Doctor of Optometry, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Public Health, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Post-Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine, etc.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance Rate 2.7%

Median MCAT 506

Median Science GPA 3.42

Median Total GPA 3.48

  1. Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science

The university is 35 miles north of downtown Chicago and the campus has a research park for easy partnership between innovators and researchers in the biomedical sciences. Also, it has thirty-degree programs available but it is advisable to read through the academic program that fits your dream course. Medical students in this school have the privilege of meeting with the admission officers for application guidelines in their courses.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance Rate 1.5%

Median MCAT 513

Median Science GPA 3.67

Median Total GPA 3.7

  1. Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine:

It is one of the medical schools in Illinois located in Maywood, Illinois. The medical university is a research-based institution regarded as the Translational Research and Education focusing on the cutting-edge biomedical research to completely remove inconsistency in global health and move forward to advance healing using Science and Jesuit traditions.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance Rate 1.1%

Median MCAT 512

Median Science GPA 3.7

Median Total GPA 3.76

  1. Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine:

The medical school is situated in the heartbeat of Chicago, Illinois. For several years, it has been ranking as one of the best medical schools in the United States. Most of their faculties are well known for carrying out breakthrough biomedical research because some of their works are published in top-notch journals. They have different educational programs for students wanting to study in the school.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance Rate 2.2.%

Median MCAT 520

Median Science GPA 3.9

Median Total GPA 3.91

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Medical Schools in Illinois are some of the best anyone could attend in the US. It is better to find anyone in line with your course of study. When applying for admission to any of the medical schools in Illinois, it is important to check their admission requirements.

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