2024/2025 List of Different Internship in South Korea

Are you searching for a country to do your internship in? Why don’t you try South Korea? South Korea has many things to offer people planning to do their internships. Internship in South Korea presents you with many opportunities like the business culture in other countries like Japan and China.

The country has one of the highest Gross Domestic products in the world. Also, they have growing economies due to their thriving market. As a result of kitty natural resources, the country has focused more on science and information technology. South Korea is one when you want to mention countries in Asia that deal with automobiles and auto parts.

What is the Cost of Living in South Korea?

The living cost in South Korea varies from one city to another. For instance, you can’t compare the cost of living when residing in a metropolitan area to a rural area. Many interns prefer searching for roommates that will share accommodation with them. Feeding is another thing that will consume your money. If you are the type of person who enjoys drinking coffee, you will spend up to $4 for a cup.

However, there are some areas you will spend much in South Korea. For instance, dinner at an exotic restaurant could be approximately USD 7 for each person. If you are doing an internship in South Korea and decide to live in cities like Seoul, you won’t spend much on transportation because they have decent transportation you can afford.

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Different Internships in South Korea

  1. Seoul Internships with Beyond Academy:

Suppose you are passionate about starting your career with an international work experience program. In that case, you can consider doing your internship in South Korea with a company like Seoul Internships with Beyond Academy. The company can help you propel gain vast knowledge in your field.

The organization knows the efficacy of the transformative power of education. When you are doing your internship with the organization, you should consider yourself lucky because of the experience you will gain from them. They emphasize more on experience than examination. Their primary aim is to revolutionize education by giving students experience.

If you want an unparalleled insight into your career, Beyond academy has a reputation for it. Beyond Academy is located in a commercial city like Seoul that houses different recognized companies like Hyundai and Samsung. Their internship covers 18 industries such as fashion, marketing, engineering, etc.

  1. Intern in South Korea with UNOSD:

USD is an abbreviation for the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development offering to exchange and facilitate the transmission of knowledge to assist a swift transition in achieving a sustainable society. They focus on mapping, improving, and assessing the exchange of knowledge resources to internship students.

It is easy to access the portal. Also, you will get advanced knowledge about sustainable development. One of the internships in South Korea facilitates fast connections between practitioners and researchers. The internship is specifically for programming and local policymaking.

  1. Internship Program in South Korea (Seoul):

It is a place that offers an internship to different students who want to learn about international exchange. If you want to work for a non-profit organization, you can enroll in this internship. There are one-on-one language lessons for you to collaborate with Non-governmental organizations in your country of residence.

Every week, you will get Korean lessons and free Kpop dance tutorials. Some of the programs in this internship will cover multicultural classrooms, language exchange, marketing, and Korean culture. It is one of the best internships in South Korea.

  1. Travel & Tourism Internships with CCRC Asia:

Many interns have the privilege of venturing into tourism which is one of the booming industries in South Korea. Also, technology and auto manufacturing are ways the South Korean government has generated funds for their country. Doing an internship with Travel & Tourism helps you understand the changing market.

Furthermore, you have a unique opportunity to get first-hand knowledge to experience intense growth and the commercial culture of South Korea. There are rooms to benefit from their professional development hub, centrally located accommodation, etc.

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  1. NextStep Internships Abroad:

You can get work experience from overseas by enrolling for the Next step Internships. When doing this internship, you can select your date, industry, duration, and destination in Asia in any of these exciting cities such as Dublin, London, Kenya, Spain, Chile, etc. If you have any limitations, the internship will develop your personal growth.

The internship ranges between 4 to 24 weeks, and it occurs from May to August. It is open to fresh graduates band undergraduates aiming to spend their summer holidays visiting different parts of South Korea.

  1. Internship in Korea by Asia Internship Program:

One of the renowned organizations offers an internship to South Korean students. They can connect you with top South Korean organizations to get vast experiences. The internship can improve your skillset, career goals, and expectations. They emphasize integrating professional development with cultural immersion to students.

Over 750 applicants apply for internships from different countries, following a 96% placement rate every year. Hence, it is another internship for South Korea. If you are after a place to get experience or an internship, you can choose this firm.

  1. International Business Development Internship with AIP:

If you want to be familiar with different business areas, you can apply for the Business Development Internship with AIP. It is a paid internship and another opportunity to get income. The essence of the internship is to get experience in different aspects such as strategic management, customer relationship, marketing, sales, etc.

Also, there is an extensive network of partners to learn from this internship, from Small Medium Enterprises to large multinational corporations. It doesn’t matter whether you are handling a local or international business. The internship will offer you essential insight into the operating mechanism of the organization. Although you will learn the ropes of building a business, the roles vary depending on the firm you will be working with.

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South Korea is an excellent country to do an internship. Also, the country has contributed to the fast internet speed, and they are ranking top for 4G LTE coverage in the world. They are a side attraction to investors because of their multiple advancements in technological growth.

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