2024/2025 List of Best Countries to Study Medicine

Before you start preparing to study medicine, it is advisable to conduct research. If you’re interested in finding these best countries to study medicine, this content is for you. The number of students wanting to study traditional medicine and healing practices has increased, so we have a competition during admission.

Medicine is one of the noblest professions you can find in many institutions. In the world, medical doctors are given special preference compared to others. Therefore if you are a medical student searching for universities to bag MBBS, you must keep in mind to fulfill the necessary admission requirements or criteria needed by the school.

Another way of finding the right school is having a sole purpose or intention because it will help find the best countries to study medicine aligned with your goals. Medicine is one of the oldest courses that have existed a long time ago and can be traced back to the ancient civilization of Babylon, India and, Egypt. As time progresses, several changes have occurred in the medical world.

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Best Countries to Study Medicine  

Here they are:

  1. United States of America:

It is one of the best countries to study medicine globally with medical universities such as Havard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UC San Francisco, etc. At Havard, students are given a chance to choose any available medical courses. American medical schools do much medical research and develop students into skilled clinicians.

The school has produced many graduates doing exploits in the United States of America. In terms of clinical training, they have the best hospitals, laboratories, health centers compared to other countries in the world, such as Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic.

Reasons to study Medicine in the United States
  • World-class health centers
  • Highly equipped medical schools
  • Experience medical experts
  • Diverse learning and medical opportunities

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  1. United Kingdom:

The UK is one of the best countries to study medicine with big schools like Cambridge and Oxford. For instance, Oxford University students are taught the real fundamentals of medicine, emphasizing research. One of the benefits of studying medicine in the United Kingdom is their years of study are faster compared to all the universities in Europe.

It is being run within a simple process by undergoing a 3-year undergraduate course after three years in medical school. If you are opportune to study in the United Kingdom, you have the privilege of having clinical experience in University College Hospital, Saint Thomas Hospital, and many other renowned medical schools in the UK.

Reasons to study Medicine in the United Kingdom
  • Intensive Medical Research
  • Shorter medical program
  • Advance health centers

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  1. Australia:

This is another beautiful country to study medicine globally, and it has prominent universities with recognized medical programs. It is incredible to know out of 4000 medical students enrolled in the school, more than 650 are international students. Therefore, both domestic and international students have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality medical education.

In terms of the university world ranking system, various Australian institutions perform well, such as Monash University, University of Sydney, and Melbourne. There’s no stipulated time frame for any medical students to finish their course because it depends on the program they’re doing.

Reasons to study Medicine in Australia
  • Highly reputable medical schools
  • Advanced Medical treatments
  • Shorter medical program

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  1. India:

There are different medical schools in India for indigenous and international students who want a medical degree. Presently, over 1700 international students are studying medical courses. Having a medical degree is faster in India and is similar to the United Kingdom. Within 5.5 years, you are done with you’re done with your undergraduate program and MBBS.

As a result of over 542 Medical colleges in India, students find a medical institution that will suit their goals. Another thing you will find exciting about studying in Indian, they have an affordable tuition fee. For instance, if you are looking for a school-sponsored by the government, you will be only allowed to pay $10,000 annually.

Reasons to study Medicine in India
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Shorter medical program
  • Different medical schools
  1. Canada:

In Canada, there are 17 medical schools, but it isn’t easy to gain admission into the school as an international student. It is one of the best countries to study medicine with a unique curriculum. In the first two years, medical students are introduced to pre-clinical courses and the last two years into intense clinical training, which involves not practicals and medical research.

Fortunately, if you’re qualified, you can offer courses and end up bagging dual degrees. Prospective medical students get trained in one of the best medical hospitals in Canada to get more experience and become versatile in their medical field.

Reasons to study Medicine in Canada
  • Excellent hospitals
  • Dual programs
  • Excellent medical schools

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  1. The Netherlands:

If you’re going to study in the Netherlands, you must consider language. Some of the institutions in this country use the English language as the teaching command, like the University of Groningen and Maastricht University. Getting admission into the school is very tough based on its competition.

For instance, at the University of Groningen, out of the 410 slots, only 100 slots are meant for non-indigenes. It is crucial to be conversant with the Dutch language to interact easily with other students. European Union students will have to pay a cheaper tuition fee of €32,000, while foreigners have to pay €2,200

Reasons to study Medicine in the Netherlands
  • High standard medical facilities
  • Affordable tuition fee for European Union medical students
  1. Sweden:

It has one of the best medical schools in the world to study medicine. A perfect example is Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University. The former is considered the most extensive research medical center in Sweden. It has groomed lots of indigenous and international students. It would help if you had some proficiency in Swedish to understand what is being taught in class. Some advantages come with understanding Swedish. If you can speak Swedish, you have opportunities to enjoy shorter medical programs.

Reasons to study Medicine in Sweden 
  • World-renowned hospitals
  • Shorter Swedish medical programs

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We have seen different countries where you can study medicine and become a professional in the medical world. The best advice is to enroll in a country where language won’t be a barrier to your study. For instance, if you’re a native English speaker, it is preferable to enroll in a country where English is the official language, likewise others.

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