2024 List of Codeigniter Interview Questions and Answers

Many back-end programmers become confused when they ask them Codeigniter interview questions. Therefore, if you want an article that will prepare you to provide reasonable answers, you are in the right place, for non-Codeigniter users will have enough information to boost their confidence level. Let’s get started!

Codeigniter Interview Questions

  1. What is the meaning of Codeigniter?

It is an open-source and robust framework for developing different web applications on PHP. Also, it centres on the MVC pattern, which is similar to Cake PHP. It contains a simple interface, logical structure, and libraries to access helpers, plug-ins, libraries, etc. They solve the complex functions of PHP to offer high performance. They simplify PHP code and bring out fully interactive and dynamic websites faster.

  1. How can you describe a Codeigniter ‘model’ in detail?

Many Codeigniter interview questions centres on models. They are PHP classes that define how an application interacts with a database. Also, they have functions that help to sort, change, store, and retrieve information inside that database. These models are found in the models or application folder.

  1. What do you understand by Codeigniter inhibitor?

An error-handler is in charge of errors or faults in any application and makes it wait for users to fix them. Thereby formatting the error message by replacing the log mails and redirecting the application to another quick view in Codeigniter.

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  1. Can you explain the meaning of ‘helper’ in Codeigniter?

It is a file that comprises valuable functions that make tasks more manageable. We have several kinds of helper files:

Text helpers: for editing and manipulation of text

Cookie helpers: for management and reading of cookies

URL helpers: for links creation

  1. What do you understand by a library in Codeigniter? and how can you load it?

Libraries are packages created using PHP and offering higher-level abstractions to ease faster development. The minute details can resolve themselves while focusing on what they are doing. To load it inside a Codeigniter, you will type this: $this->load->library(‘class_name’);

  1. How do you create libraries?

You can create new libraries inside the library or application folder by coding new classes. Also, you can extend the native library by adding customs to make it increase its functions. If a native library is not active, you can delete it and create a new one to replace it.

  1. What are the functions of hooks in Codeigniter?

These are features for the user to manipulate the method Codeigniter usually executes their program without touching essential files that will alter the code. Hooks are helpful to transform the execution order of scripts or add another controller call.

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  1. What are the uses of Drivers in Codeigniter?

They are different types of libraries inside Codeigniter with a structure that involves a parent class and diverse child classes. Each of them has access to the parent class, but they can access the sibling classes. Also, they offer clean and crisp syntax for users to implement discreet types in any application.

  1. What are the benefits of Codeigniter?

We have different benefits of Codeigniter:

Inbuilt Libraries:

It has various types of default helpers for performing different things like file handling, directories, arrays, forms, cookies, etc.

Data Abstraction:

The Codeigniter database abstraction is for deleting, adding, creating, and simply replacing statements. Also, the framework can manage different connections with one application.

Collaborating with Expression Engine:

Also, the collaboration allows developers using Codeigniter to use libraries and other things offered by the Expression Engine. As a result, developers can get new benefits such as improved user authentication, better parser class and east accessibility to modular applications.


The modification of security strength according to clients’ needs. They are changes when initializing systems by merely switching off magic quotes runtime. There is no need for you to eliminate slashes during information retrieval from the database. Also, it can help you encrypt cookies and escape SQL queries directly.

Immigration Features:

The immigration feature helps to make database schema update management simple over diverse fields. Also, for immigrating from server to server inside a Codeigniter.

  1. Itemize different databases that the Codeigniter framework can support:

The Codeigniter framework can support Oracle, PostgreSQL, ODBC, MS SQL, CUBRID, SQLite, MySQL, etc.

  1. What is the security parameter for Cross-Site Scripting in Codeigniter?

It is a jack prevention filter that runs for filtering data-related Cookies and Posts. The filter can target methods that will trigger Javascript code or others to hijack cookies or malicious activities. For instance, if they identify anything malicious, it will convert the data to another entity.

If you want to filter data through the XSS filter we can use the XSS_Clean method

$data = $this->security->xss_clean($data);

It is for data submission, while the second Boolean parameter is optional for checking image files for the XSS attacks. Also, it is essential for file upload, which shows the image is safer.

  1. In straightforward terms, explain MVC in Codeigniter:

It is an architecture for separating the representation of information from users’ interactions. The letters MVC stands for different things:

Model: It represents data structures. Also, they will contain functions to help you update, insert, and retrieve information in your database. It comprises business and data rules.

View: It is the information that the user gets to see. Usually, it is a webpage and can also represent data.

Controller: The device mediates input and converts it into commands for view or model.

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Codeigniter interview questions are logical, and you need to take your time when answering them. Codeigniter is another programming framework for applications. Presently, it is getting recognition in the market, and many developers or coders are going for it because of its numerous advantages.

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